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Eat Without Distractions

In this week's challenge you must eat without any distractions. How often do you pay attention to what you're eating? If you're like many Americans, breakfast is eaten with one hand on the steering wheel, lunch is inhaled in front of a computer screen, and dinner is spent with the TV blasting in the background. Food rarely takes center-stage in our busy lives, but research indicates that this mindless munching is taking its toll on our weight and health. "Mindful eating" is the term coined for simply paying attention to your food, your body cues, and the acting of eating. It is eliminating distractions during mealtime and checking Gone are the days when a family will sit in front of a dinner table and enjoy a hearty meal together. Apparently, because of our fast-paced and checking in with your hunger of fullness cues. Here are a few benefits you may experience by turning off that TV while you eat dinner:

Why we shouldn't eat while being distracted
  • Tendency of eating more
  • TV distracts you
  • It lowers the Metabolic Rate
  • Eating subsequent meals becomes tempting
  • It blocks the feeling of satisfaction
  • More prone to unhealthy food eating

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