The Weekly Health Challenge is a self-audited program designed to motivate the JCSC Wellness participants in reducing BMI on a weekly basis.

How it works:
1. Each week there will be a new health challenge. You can accept the challenge by accepting the pledge for each challenge. (Click on the challenge link from the below list.) You can only accept a challenge from midnight on Sunday to midnight on Tuesday.

2. At the end of the week, you can declare if you have completed the challenge. You can only mark a challenge as completed from midnight on Sunday to midnight on Tuesday.

3. Every week, the participants that complete the challenge will be recognized on each challenge's page. (Click on the challenge link from below list)

ChallengeStartEndStatusTaken ByCompleted By
Week 1 - DO NOT EAT ANY FRIED FOODS06/01/2014 11:59 PM06/08/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed3916
Week 2 - WALK A TOTAL OF 10 MILES06/08/2014 11:59 PM06/15/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed3018
Week 3 - MEDITATE FOR 21 Minutes Everyday06/15/2014 11:59 PM06/22/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed2212
Week 4 -Do Not Drink Soda, Diet-Soda, or Drinks with High-Fructose Corn Syrup06/22/2014 11:59 PM06/29/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed4026
Week 5 - Walk a Total of 12 Miles06/29/2014 11:59 PM07/06/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed3321
Week 6 - Do a Total of 3 Hours of Yoga07/06/2014 11:59 PM07/13/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed2721
Week 7 - Eat One Serving of Super Foods Everyday 07/13/2014 11:59 PM07/20/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed3322
Week 8 - Do 15 Minutes of Cardio Activity Everyday 07/20/2014 11:59 PM07/27/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed2213
Week 9 - Meditate or Do Yoga For 20 Minutes Every Day07/27/2014 11:59 PM08/03/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed1914
Week 10 - Avoid Three White Refined Carbs08/03/2014 11:59 PM08/10/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed208
Week 11 - Do 10 Minutes of Breathing Exercises Every Day08/10/2014 11:59 PM08/17/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed1711
Week 12 - Do Not Eat After Sunset08/17/2014 11:59 PM08/24/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is closed1612
Week 13 - Fasting, Do Ambel or Ekasnu Each Day08/24/2014 11:59 PM08/31/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is currently in progress.120
Week 14 - Do a Set of Balance Exercises Everyday08/31/2014 11:59 PM09/07/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is not yet open00
Week 15 - Walk a Total of 12 Miles09/07/2014 11:59 PM09/14/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is not yet open00
Week 16 - Do a Total of 3 Hours of Yoga09/14/2014 11:59 PM09/21/2014 11:59 PMChallenge is not yet open00

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