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Cut Back On Salt

In this week's challenge you must cut back on salt. One step to healthy living is healthy eating which includes maintaining a low-sodium diet. Salt-sodium chloride is a major contributor to high blood pressure. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a leading cause of heart disease. Hypertension affects approximately one in 3 Americans. When blood pressure gets too high, damage occurs in many organs such as the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes. By adhering to a low-sodium diet, many people see their blood pressure levels decrease. A low-sodium diet can also reduce damage to internal organs.

Simple Ways To Reduce Sodium Intake
  • Cook from scartch so you know exactly what's in your food
  • Choose products that are sodium free or low in sodium
  • Make smart swaps
  • At restaurants, ask your server which foods are prepared without added salt - and order those items
  • Substitute spices, herbs, and salt-free blends for salt.
  • Avoid instant food such as pasta, rice, and cereals, which usually contain salt
  • Rinse canned foods to wash off some of the salt
  • Check labels for sodium in all its forms
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

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