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Don't Drink Any Caffeine

In this week's challenge you must stop drinking caffeine. Caffeine, found in many edible and potable products such as coffee, tea, colas, and chocolate, is actually a psychoactive drug. These types of drugs affect the body's central nervous system. Caffeine, for example, stimulates the nervous system, speeding up its various processes such as motor movement and respiration. It is one of the most used drugs worldwide. There may be benefits to living caffeeine-free.

Benefits of Cutting Your Caffeine Intake
Too much caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system
Reduction in sleep disturbance
Reduction in anxiety levels
Prevents irritability and nervousness
Better Mood
Fewer headaches
Fewer trips to the bathroom
Healthier Teeth
Weight Loss
Healthier Diet
Increased Productivity
Caffeine intoxication (irregular heartbeat, gastric disturbances etc.) can be prevented
No More Jitters

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