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Bring Your Own Lunch

In this week's challenge you must bring lunch every day this week. Considering bringing your lunch to work? You should: Not only does brown baggint it save you money, it can also help you with your weight loss efforts. Plus, bringing your lunch to work is a great way to ensure that you get lots of healthy nutrients from your meals and leave lunch hour feeling energized for the afternoon. Here area a few great reasons to brown bag your lunch!

Benefits of Bring Your Lunch To Work
You Will Save Money
A lot healthier than buying food every day.
Eat More Veggies
You Consume Less Fat, Salt, Sugar And Energy
Correct Portion Size
No Temptation of Lunch "Extras" and Drinks
Helps Curb the 3PM Slump
Boost your Weight Loss Efforts

People are turned away from taking their own lunches as it involves preparation time. My advice would be to start any taking your lunch to work strategy with easy, low cost methods.

Tips For Bringing Your Own Lunch
Plan and Prep
Double Your Dinner: Leftovers!!
Stay Away From The Food Court
Focus On the Benefits You're Getting

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