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Eat a rainbow every day!

Eat a rainbow every day!

In this week's challenge you must Eat a rainbow every day! . Whilst there’s no one particular food or nutrient that gives us everything we need, likewise, no *one* colour provides all the available nutritional power either. Every colour found in food, whether it’s green, red, purple, blue, yellow, and even white, reveals something nutritionally quite unique. By choosing a variety of colour in the diet, preferably at each meal, we can all be sure of enjoying a rich and varied spectrum of nutrients. For those who find nutritional science intimidating, or worse a “turn-off”, eating by the colours is not only more appealing, it’s easy as ABC. Often the best advice to give is simply to “eat the rainbow” every day!. The Rainbow Diet is a colorful intelligent and intuitive system for putting together your eating and living in a holistic way that brings you vitality, energy, and peace of mind.It’s about eating the rainbow of colors for living a colorful life in an easy-to-follow way. It is a comprehensive holistic health guide that helps you to understand the physical and energetic properties of foods through their colors. When you eat colors according to this system, you’ll begin to live a more colorful, radiant, vibrant life!

Benefits of eating colourful fruits and vegetables:

  1. Red fruits and vegetables

    Red Fruits and Vegetables Help Fight Cancer, Reduce the Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, Improve Skin Quality

  2. Orange and Yellow Fruits and Vegetables

    Orange and Yellow Fruits and Vegetables Improve Immune Function, Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease, Promote Eye Health

  3. Green Fruits and Vegetables

    Green Fruits and Vegetables Boost the Immune System, Help Detoxify the Body, Restore Energy and Vitality

  4. Blue and Purple Fruits and Vegetables

    Blue and Purple Fruits and Vegetables Fight Cancer and Unwanted Inflammation and Help Keep You Young

  5. White and Brown Fruits and Vegetables

    White and Brown Fruits and Vegetables Protect Against Certain Cancers, Keep Bones Strong, and Are A Heart-Healthy Choice

Rainbow fruits and vegetables

Tips to boost rainbow fruits and vegetables to your diet:

  1. Keep it colorful. Challenge yourself to try fruits and vegetables of different colors. Make it a red/green/orange day (apple, lettuce, carrot), or see if you can consume a rainbow of fruits and vegetables during the week.

  2. Add it on. Add fruit and vegetables to foods you love. Try adding frozen peas to mac’n’cheese, veggies on top of pizza and slices of fruit on top of breakfast cereals or low-fat ice cream.

  3. Mix them up. Add fruits and vegetables to food that’s cooked or baked, or mix vegetables in with pasta sauces, lasagnas, casseroles, soups and omelets. Mixing fresh or frozen berries into pancakes, waffles or muffins is another great way to make fruits and veggies a part of every meal.

  4. Roast away. Try roasting vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions, carrots, tomatoes or eggplant. Long exposure to high heat will cause these foods to caramelize, which enhances their natural sweetness and reduces bitterness.

  5. Enjoy vegetable dippers. Chop raw vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Try bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and celery, and dip your favorites into low-fat or fat-free dressings. Dip tip: Read the food label of sauces and dressings to make sure they are not overloaded with saturated fat and salt.

  6. Sip smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to increase the amount of fruit you eat and they’re really easy to make. A basic smoothie is just frozen fruit, some low-fat or non-fat milk and/or yogurt, and 100% fruit juice all processed together in a blender until smooth.

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