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Downsize your dinnerware

Downsize your dinnerware

In this week's challenge you must Downsize your dinnerware .Using smaller dishes can trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more, which makes you feel satisfied with smaller serving sizes. Try using an 8-inch dinner plate or salad plate instead of the normal 10-inch size and see if this trick works for you.

Benefits of Eating less at dinner:

  1. Weight Loss

    Eating less at night will help reduce weight

  2. Eating Less Just Might Help You Live Longer

    Recent research done on humans indicates that calorie-restricted diets can slow down the aging process and increase longevity.One theory suggest that continuous slight hunger creates a subtle but constant stress that makes an organism stronger and more resistant to the ills of aging.

  3. Reduces Tension and improves mood

    one group was randomly assigned to reduce their calorie intake by 25 percent, while the other group didn't have to alter their regular diet.two years later, the calorie restriction group reported improved mood and reduced tension, plus improved general health and sex drive.

  4. Good Digestion

    Eating less allows the autonomic systems of the body to function at a relaxed baseline level, free from the erratic and disruptive influences of the nervous system and hormones.

Downsize Dinner

Tips on downsizing your meals:

  1. Pay attention to portions

  2. Read labels and restaurant menu calorie counts

  3. Don’t confuse fat-free with calorie-free

  4. Buy smaller packages

  5. Use smaller bowls, plates, and serving spoons

  6. Eat slowly

  7. Cut out sweetened beverages – both regular and diet.

  8. Go easy on the booze

  9. Eat regular meals

Suggested Reading:

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