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Exercise smarter, not longer

Exercise smarter, not longer

In this week's challenge you must Exercise smarter, not longer .Want to burn more calories without spending extra time at the gym? It sounds too good to be true, but interval training’s benefits are well-proven. According to Dr. Mathew, M.D., a primary care physician at Piedmont Physicians Group, interval training is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise to challenge your body and burn maximum calories.When we show up at the gym, a lot of us go to one or two of the [cardio] machines and try to grind it out at a moderate pace for 30 to 45 minutes. Instead of 30 minutes on one machine, choose three different machines, such as the stair stepper, rowing machine and treadmill. Spend 10 minutes on each machine and try to do two rounds. If this is too much, start with one round and work your way up as you build endurance.

Benefits of Eat Exercising smarter:

  1. Burn more calories

    Interval training can help you burn more calories even after you’ve finished your workout.

  2. Increase in consumption of more oxygen

    If you get on a treadmill and walk for one minute, then run for three minutes as fast as you can, you’re going to increase the consumption of oxygen to your red blood cells. It’s like you prime the red blood cells to keep burning calories even after you’re done with the workout.

Work Smart not Hard

Tips to help you implement a “working out smarter, not longer”:

  1. Try interval training

  2. Split your strength training sessions into shorter routines.

  3. Flexibility and mobility exercises

  4. Cardiovascular training

  5. Strength training

  6. Perform dynamic flexibility exercises

  7. Finish your workout with mobility exercises

  8. Use tools such as stability balls and balance trainer balls to challenge your balance and strengthen your core in different ways

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