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Military diet

Military diet

In this week's challenge you must Military diet . The military diet is a low-calorie weight loss diet that is claimed to promote significant weight loss in just one week.The Military Diet is structured on a schedule of 3 days on/4 days off. This is a form of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting involves periods of very-low-calorie intake and periods of eating normally.When you fast, the insulin in your body becomes more sensitive. This sensitivity leads to increased efficiency once you start eating again because nutrients in your food are preferentially directed to your muscle and liver cells rather than your fat cells.The Military Diet is not “true” fasting because you never stop eating altogether. Instead, the Military Diet is designed so that the “fasting” portion of the diet is both manageable (so you won’t be starved at any point) and short-lived. It allows your insulin levels to become sensitive enough to direct nutrients away from your fat cells, but not so sensitive that you begin to starve. Intermittent fastening is the healthiest and most efficient way to fast.

Military Diet

Diet Plan:

Day 1 Menu

1 slice of Whole Wheat Bread (toast)1 slice toast (brown bread)1 small Apple
2 tbsp Peanut butter150 g Tofu1 cup Green Beans
1 cup Coffee/Tea without sugar1 cup Coffee/Tea100 g cooked beans (Lentils/Kidney Beans/Chickpeas)
½ Grapefruit1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream (Vegans may try the dairy-free variant)

Day 2 Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 slice of Whole Wheat Bread (toast) 1 cup Cottage/Cheddar Cheese (Vegans can have 15 to 20 Almonds) Soy/Tofy Dogs without Buns – 2
½ Banana 100 g Cooked Beans ½ cup Banana
1 cup/200 ml Soy Milk 5 Saltine Crackers 1 cup Broccoli
½ cup Carrots
½ cup Vanilla Icecream

Day 3 Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 slice Cheddar cheese (15-20 almonds for vegans) 1 slice whole wheat bread toast 150 g Tofu
1 small Apple 100g cooked beans ½ Banana
5 Saltine Crackers ½ cup Vanilla Ice Cream

Once you’ve completed the three days military diet program, you should have a moderate calorie diet for the remaining 4 days of the week.

It is advised that men should aim to get minimum 1500 calories from the diet and women should aim to get at least 1200 calories from their diet.



    Looking at the numbers and the experiences of those who’ve tried this diet, it works. Even though it is limiting in terms of the number of nutrients in the diet, the number of calories you eat is less than what you need. Keep in mind that this isn’t a healthy way of losing weight and that weight loss is not equal to fat loss.


    There is room for improvement, but military diets include servings of fruits and veggies. These give you essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, do not think that this is a balanced, vitamin-packed diet. Not at all.


    Its only three days at a time making it more manageable compared to other diet plans. Even if you will be on a strict restriction diet, the idea that this “starvation” will last for only three days (and not a day more) is a highly motivating factor.


    Unlike other diet plans, it doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t have to join a support group, buy supplements or special foods. Also, foods on this diet plan are easy to prepare. This way, you are actually saving your money as your daily allowed food costs just a small portion of three regular meals.


    The unexpected benefits of cutting calories include better sleep, a boost in your mood and enhancement of your sex life. Not only that, you can experience a weight loss and potential fat loss if maintained for a longer period of time.

Few Points to remember:

  1. Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day. This helps in flushing out the harmful impurities from your body, thereby helping you lose weight faster.

  2. No alcohol or soft drinks or diet sodas. They contain zero nutritional value.

  3. Stay away from white bread, sugar and other salty & fast foods

  4. Pack your fridge prior to starting the diet

  5. Substitute the foods you don’t like or can’t have, if necessary. But, don’t pick the unhealthy foods.

  6. A lot of people have followed the diet and lost close to 10 pounds in just 3 days without any exercise. However, with proper high intensity workouts, you can improve your weight loss results further.

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