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Renew your exercise motivation

Renew your exercise motivation

In this week's challenge you must Renew your exercise motivation . Who doesn’t want to look and feel good, have more energy, and be happier and healthier? But despite all the benefits of exercise, it can still be difficult to get started and stick to a routine. Get motivated to exercise.

How many mondays have been and gone since you said i'll start next week? Take action start today

Motivational tips for exercise:

  1. Have an accountability partner

    I think it's helpful to find someone to be your workout partner. There are times where traffic is bad, and you're just tired. But if you know someone's going to meet you at the gym, you won't make an excuse to not be there

  2. Set a realistic goal

    If you make a big long-term goal that's six months out, it's really easy to fall off the wagon. You need something every week that you can accomplish. For example, going to go to the gym five times in one week or eating vegetables with every meal.

  3. Food logging

    Besides focusing on the physical workout, it’s also important to track what you’re eating

  4. Keep a schedule

    Pencil your workout into your weekly calendar or planner. Creating a visual representation of your weekly goals allows you to track your progress and hold yourself accountable if you are not staying on schedule.

Workout tips:

  1. Start small.

    10-minute workout we actually do is always better than the “perfect” workout we never do; something is always better than nothing

  2. Follow the 10-minute rule

    Ten minute rule is easiest way to get started. This appraoch makes taking that first step less daunting. This approach makes taking that first step less daunting. If you’re 10 minutes in and want to stop, you can, but the momentum and good feelings usually take over, and you end up following through.

  3. Pair exercise with something else.

    Save your favorite podcast for when you exercise, or only allow yourself to watch your favorite show or listen to your favorite album when you’re on the treadmill.

  4. Never waste a shower

    Use a shower as a reward for exercising. Since you shower every day, you'll exercise every day. The positive reinforcemet also helps trian your mind to enjoy the experience of working out.

  5. Don’t push to exhaustion

    Always stop exercising before you’re absolutely exhausted. Even if it’s something you enjoy, stop when you’re feeling good. You’re more likely to want to do it again

  6. Access the power of Mondays

    Exercising on a Monday sets the tone and psychological pattern for the week. If you skip exercising on Monday, it’s much easier to skip exercising on Tuesday, which can quickly become, “Well, I already missed a day. I’ll start fresh on Monday!” Momentum can work for you, but it will also work against you… if you let it

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