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Have Buttermilk

Have Buttermilk

In this week's challenge you must Have Buttermilk .Buttermilk is the best drink for summer. It is prepared using natural yogurt mixed with water and blended well. To enhance its taste ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves can be added. Buttermilk improves digestion and naturally treats swelling, irritation and digestive disorders, gastrointestinal ailments, spleen maladies, anemia and lack of appetite.

Buttermilk in brass pot

Few Benefits Of Buttermilk:

  1. Contains All Essential Macronutrients

    Buttermilk has proteins, carbohydrates, minimal lipids, vitamins and essential enzymes and makes for a complete meal anywhere, anytime. It should consumed daily especially during summer. As over 90 percent of buttermilk is water, its consumption helps to maintain the water balance of the body.

  2. Helps Wash Down Oily Food

    Buttermilk is very efficient in washing down oils and fat, which line the inner walls of the food pipe and stomach. Usually after a rich and heavy meal, you will feel lazy and drowsy. However, a glass of buttermilk will rejuvenate you. You will begin to feel more agile right after consuming it.

  3. Effective Against Dehydration

    buttermilk is an effective therapy to prevent dehydration. It is full of electrolytes and is one of the best drinks to fight against the heat and loss of water from the body. In summer, it is truly a drink to relish. Hence buttermilk benefits in summer by reducing summer-related issues, such as prickly heat and general uneasiness.

  4. Eases Constipation

    Buttermilk is a natural therapy often used to comfort the ballooning of the stomach, preventing constipation and other stomach disorders. Incorrect food and timings of meals can put pressure on the digestive system, leading to diarrhoea or constipation at times. Regularly consume buttermilk to ease this condition. If you suffer from constipation, consuming a glass of buttermilk will facilitate bowel movements. This also is true for people, who don’t consume adequate amounts of fibre.

  5. Helps To Lose Weight

    It is a very helpful drink that satisfies hunger, thereby being the perfect drink for people yearning to lose weight. The satiation prevents people from binge snacking or eating unhealthy junk food.

  6. Useful Against Sunburns

    If you have been in the sun for too long and your skin is reddened and burning, then try this recipe for instant relief. Half a cup of buttermilk with equal amounts of tomato juice should be mixed and applied over the affected areas. Let it remain for about an hour. Wash as usual. It will leave the skin considerably cooler and also take the pain out of the stretched sunburnt skin and lessen the redness.

  7. Fight Cold With Buttermilk

    Buttermilk is well known as an antidote to fight the common cold and runny nose. Mix some crushed garlic and ginger with buttermilk and have a few times in the day.

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