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Cut back on salt

Cut back on salt

In this week's challenge you must Cut back on salt . Your heart will thank you! For just one week, resist the urge to salt your food when cooking or at the table. Instead, use fresh herbs, spices and citrus juice for a pop of flavor. After seven days, you may realize your meals didn’t need much salt in the first place. It’s in your soup, ketchup, lunch and even your cereal. Salt may make your meal taste good, but too much of it can lead to inflammation from fluid retention, overworked organs and serious diseases. While you can’t avoid it completely, you can educate yourself about what is in your food and make smarter choices to control your sodium intake

Affects of salt on body:

  1. A high salt diet leads to high blood pressure, which can cause heart disease and stroke

  2. Salt likes water and the more salt you have in your system, the more water you’ll have,” she explains. “This can lead to fatigue, as well as dangerous swelling and excess fluids around major organs. Inflammation causes organs, like your heart, to work harder. It’s easy to see swollen hands and feet, but it’s harder to see inflammation on the inside.

Swap The Salt and Spice It Up

The biggest culprits foods you should watch out that are:

  1. Canned

  2. Processed

  3. Cured

  4. Packed in brine

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