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Power up your diet with almonds

Power up your diet with almonds

In this week's challenge you must Power up your diet with almonds . Yoga and every other form of exercise imbibes the concept of whole health - healthy eating, a peaceful mind and fit body. Making small changes to your diet, can go a long way in building overall health and aid your fitness routine. Rich in several nutrients such as vitamin B2, magnesium, phosphorous, adding a handful of almonds approximately 1 ounce, contains one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.


Benefits of almonds :

  1. Almonds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients

    Almonds are very popular tree nuts. Almonds are high in healthy monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein and various important nutrients.

  2. Almonds Are Loaded With Antioxidants

    Almonds are high in antioxidants that can protect your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to aging and disease.

  3. Almonds Are High in Vitamin E

    Almonds are among the world's best sources of vitamin E. Getting plenty of vitamin E from foods is linked to numerous health benefits.

  4. Almonds Can Assist With Blood Sugar Control

    Almonds are extremely high in magnesium, a mineral that many people don't get enough of. High magnesium intake may offer major improvements for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

  5. Eating Almonds Reduces Hunger, Lowering Your Overall Calorie Intake

    While nuts are low in carbs, they are high in protein and fiber. Studies show that eating almonds and other nuts can increase fullness and help you eat fewer calories.

Tips on choosing almonds:

  1. Choose premium quality almonds which are vacuum packed

  2. Prefer soaked almonds: Soaked almonds contains tannin which inhibits nutrient absorption.

Suggested Reading:

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