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No rice challenge

No rice challenge

In this week's challenge you must Not eat rice. Rice provides the body with carbohydrate, energy source providing fuel for your day to day activities. However too much of it will only add up to the kilos. Too much white rice will cause the blood sugar levels to shoot up. White rice contains less fibre which does not aid good bowel movement. It can be replaced by other low-calory carbs such as brown rice, bulgur wheat.

No rice challenge

Less consumption of white rice can provide four health benefits:

  1. Reducing the risk of obesity

    White rice is commonly tied to obesity. Despite it may be a source of energy, eating white rice without exercise may gain weight.

  2. Reduce constipation

    White rice consumption may lead to constipation because it contains less fiber. Carbohydrates contained in white rice can cause digestive disorders if consumed regularly.

  3. Keep blood sugar levels in check

    Reducing the consumption of white rice will help to keep your blood sugar levels in the track because the high glycemic index in white rice can increase your sugar levels. Thus, it is better to consume less white rice, especially for those with type 2 diabetes.

  4. Reducing the risk of allergies

    Some people are allergic to white rice. Therefore, reducing white rice consumption will automatically reduce the risk of allergies that usually appear with symptoms including itching, sneezing, and shortness of breath.

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