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The Great Bitter Melon Challenge!

The Great Bitter Melon Challenge

In this week's challenge you must Drink bitter gourd juice. Drinking bitter gourd juice, right in the morning may help manage blood sugar levels better and even aid weight loss. Bitter gourd or bitter Melon is a nutrient dense fruit. However, it is commonly consumed as a vegetable as it happens to be an inseparable part of the Indian cuisine. Enriched with the goodness of vitamins B1, B2, and B3, C, magnesium, folate, zinc, phosphorus, manganese and is rich in dietary fibres. Unlike other veggies or fruits, the nutrient content of this fruit is just double as compared to any other vegetable. Right from its high iron content, bitter gourd has twice the beta-carotene, double the calcium content of spinach and twice the potassium of banana. Bitter melon is especially rich in vitamin C, an important micronutrient involved in disease prevention, bone formation, and wound healing.

Bitter Gourd juice

Benefits of Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd):

  1. Purifies blood

    Bitter Gourd has amazing antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that can help in improving blood circulation and flushes out toxins from the body. Thereby, purifying it from various infectants. It helps in preventing as well as treating rashes, acne, psoriasis, blood boils and even hinders the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

  2. Helps in weight loss

    Bitter Gourd juice helps in bile secretion and helps in removing toxins from the liver. This not only improves the condition of your liver, but at the same time improves the metabolism by breaking the fat molecules faster, leading to a healthy and sustainable weight loss.

  3. Good for diabetes

    It is rich in polypeptide P, which works like insulin and helps in reducing the sugar levels in the body. Hence, it is great option to cure diabetes naturally.

  4. Glowing skin

    If you want a healthy, soft and glowing skin, then karela juice is the thing to go for. Add some lime to it, this will amp up the health quotient of this healthy blend.

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