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Drink 1 Ounce of Water for Every 2 Pounds of Your Weight

There are numerous benefits of drinking water consistently and heres a list of few:

Benefits of Drinking Water
1. Helps lose weight
2.Natural remedy for headache
3. Healthier Skin
4. Better Productivity
5. Better Exercise
6. Easier Digestion
7. Less cramps and sprains
8. Less likely to get sick
9. Relieves Fatigue
Original Source: Benfits of Drinking Water

You can include green tea, herbal teas, or fruit juices that are low in sugar to your daily intake of water. Please note that drinks that are high in caffeine do not count as water intake as it is a diuretic. Typically 1 glass of water is approximately 8 ounces.

Suggested Reading:
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