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The 7-Day Heart Health Challenge

The 7-Day Heart Health Challenge

In this week's challenge you must Dedicate one week to improving your heart health. February is American Heart Month! We’ll be celebrating by focusing on your heart and heart health. After all, exercising, eating well, and managing your stress like a champ are some of the best ways to keep your heart healthy.

5 Bad heart Habits: Smoking, Dining out every night, Not Staying active, Getting too stressed out, Having a few too many cocktails

One Week to Better Heart Health:

  • Day 1

    Make a plan

    Create a list of realistic and obtainable goals for your fitness and overall health. Here are a few examples:

    • Go for a 30-minute walk, four days a week.
    • Quit smoking and cut back on drinking
    • Discuss your eating habits and learn how to improve them

  • Day 2

    Educate yourself

    Day two is all about knowledge

    • Take time to read about heart disease or the symptoms of heart attacks in men and women.
    • Education is the first step toward managing your heart health.

  • Day 3

    Know your numbers

    Undergo a heart screening to learn these five key heart health numbers:

    • Body mass index
    • Blood glucose
    • Blood pressure
    • Total cholesterol level
    • High-density lipoprotein

  • Day 4

    Get up and move

    The American Heart Association recommends adults engage in 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes weekly of vigorous aerobic activity.

    Moderate intensity aerobic activity should be spread out over 30-minute increments five days a week and can include activities such as:

    • Water aerobics
    • Casual bicycling (a pace of slower than 10 miles per hour)
    • Ballroom dancing
    • General gardening

  • Day 5

    De-stress your heart

    Stress can take a major toll on your overall health. Chronic stress can lead to conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol — not to mention of unhealthy habits, such as overeating and excessive drinking. Here are some simple ways to cut back on stress:

    • Socialize with others
    • Engage in exercise
    • Make sure you get a full eight hours of sleep each night
    • Do some deep breathing

  • Day 6

    Swap out the junk

    Do a deep dive into your fridge and pantry and rewrite your grocery list to ensure you’re eating healthy foods. Try to avoid or limit your intake of:

    • Saturated fat
    • Trans fat
    • Sodium
    • Sweets
    • Sugar-sweetened beverages

  • Day 7

    Commit to continue with a healthy lifestyle

    You should also encourage others to improve their heart health. For example, talk to family members about getting screened for heart disease. Take a friend along on your daily walk. Share your experiences and be a positive example.

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