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Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation

In this weeks challenge you must take steam inhalation for at least 20 minutes (5 cycles of 4 minutes) . A study has found that inhaling steam can cure Covid-19 by killing the virus that causes it when it is in the sinuses, before it reaches the lungs.Repeated steam inhalation cycles aimed at reducing the risk of progression to full blown infection.

Steam Inhalaton for covid-19 Steam Inhalaton for covid-19

Benefits of Steam Inhalation

  1. While steam inhalation can provide subjective relief from the symptoms of a cold and other upper respiratory infections.Steam inhalation doesn’t actually kill the virus responsible for the infection. At best, steam inhalation might make you feel a little better as your body fights virus.

  2. steam inhalation helps alleviate:
    • headache
    • congested (stuffy) nose
    • throat irritation
    • breathing problems caused by airway congestion
    • dry or irritated nasal passages cough

Suggested Reading:

Steam inhalation could reduce Covid-19 viral load - Learn more here.

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