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One-meal-a-day(Ekasanu Upwas)

One-meal-a-day(Ekasanu Upwas)

In this week challenge you must eat one meal a day before sunset. Eating one meal a day is a practice that many people swear by to lose weight and improve overall health. The one-meal-per-day diet is also referred to as OMAD. Although the content and timing of the meal will vary based on personal preference, people following an OMAD diet typically restrict their calorie intake to a single meal or a short window of time. Other than eating one meal a day a person can drink boiled water. The potential health benefits of OMAD are primarily related to fasting — restricting calorie intake during a set time period — and calorie restriction in general.

10 one meal a day Diet Benefits

Here are some of the many benefits of Fasting:

  1. Fasting may help reduce blood sugar and certain heart disease risk factors, including LDL “bad” cholesterol.

  2. Fasting has also been associated with reduction in markers of inflammation, including C-reactive protein.

  3. OMAD is said to eliminate the sluggishness people feel while digesting their lunch — because there is no lunch.

  4. Weight loss. It’s extremely hard to be at a caloric surplus when you’re eating one time per day. Even if your one meal is not “healthy” by normal standards, you’re not taking in as many calories as you would if were eating all day long.

  5. Diet freedom. Forget logging calories or eating out of Tupperware. You free up a lot of mental energy when you don’t have to plan four to six meals per day

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