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Exercise To Strengthen Your Muscles

Exercise To Strengthen Your Muscles

In this week's challenge you must Exercise 30 minutes a day . If your work involves long hours of sitting with limited breaks and you do not exercise to strengthen your muscles and condition your heart, your spinal structure can go for a toss. Many people tend to sit in front of their computers for long hours without taking a break. That could lead to numerous health problems, including chronic diseases like obesity, and joint issues especially in the back, neck, spine which affects overall strength. Blame it on the pandemic or otherwise, leading an inactive lifestyle can lead to poor quality of life, and increased morbidity and mortality rates. Take part in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, as well as muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days per week.

Exercise To Strengthen Your Muscles

Few points to prevent the condition:

  1. Moderate physical activity for up to 30 minutes every day, tobacco cessation, and healthy nutrition
  2. Remain active by climbing stairs, do household chores, take frequent breaks between the hectic schedules and stretch, walk as much as you can, meditate to stay stress-free, and you can also opt for a stand-up desk that can aid proper blood circulation
  3. Sit straight with your lower back supported if you have long sitting hours.
  4. Ensure that the top of your computer screen is at your eye level.
  5. Simple neck stretch can help. In this, you sit looking straight and tilt head slowly to one side, taking ear toward the shoulder and then back up. Same to be repeated for backwards and other side. Make sure that you feel the stretch and perform this daily for five minutes. Ensure that you sit in an upright position without slouching.
  6. Stretching your body is a major necessity. Stretch your legs and arms every hour while working. When you are at home, stretch hip flexors every evening/morning for five minutes per side. If possible, every hour or so stand up and take a two-minute stroll.
  7. Even performing yoga anytime would be great. It keeps you both physiologically and psychologically healthy.
  8. Get adequate sleep.

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