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15 minutes walk challenge

15 minutes walk challenge

In this week's challenge you must Walk for 15 minutes at least 5 times this week . Simply walk 15 minutes away from your house, then turn around and walk 15 minutes back. Or take a few laps around your office complex during lunch. Short walks are a great way to get moving without disrupting your busy schedule.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Benefits of Walking:

  1. Boost your mood

    Walking helps ward off depression and mental stress.

  2. Lengthen your life

    A recent study found that walking for 2 minutes each hour instead of sitting can reduce risk of death by 33%.

  3. Reduce your risk of disease

    Cut your risk of inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholestrol, vascular stiffness, colon cancer and erectile dysfuction.

  4. Keep you healthier if you already have heart disease

    In another study, moderate activity for 30 minutes three times a week reduced risk of heart disease-related death by 26% and overall risk of death by 20%.

Suggested Reading:

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The Weekly Health Challenge is a self-audited program designed to motivate the JCSC Wellness participants in reducing BMI on a weekly basis.

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