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Daily Water Challenge

Daily Water Challenge

In this week's challenge you must drink 8 glasses of water (8oz) in a day. . Getting healthy and drinking water seem to go hand in hand. Water is crucial to your overall wellbeing. Every cell, organ, and tissue uses water to regulate temperature and keep the body in proper working order. Whenever you breathe, sweat or digest food, you’re losing water which is why it’s so important to stay hydrated and replenish your water throughout the day. We explain everything you need to know about daily water challenges and how you could feel the benefits from committing to the challenge.

Benefits of Drinking Water

How to Start a Water Challenge:

It probably sounds really easy to just drink more water each day but it’s so easy to forget. Busy schedules get in the way and your water intake can easily drop to the bottom of the list when other priorities start to build up. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help you stick to your water challenge.

  • Step 1:

    Buy yourself a fun water bottle with measurements on the side so you can easily track your water intake. Keep track of how much you drink and set reminders on your phone to take a sip every hour.

  • Step 2:

    Dedicate your month to a water challenge but don’t do it alone, sign up with a friend or family member. Accountability goes a long way in a water challenge. You can keep each other motivated and stay on top of your water intake.

    Once you’ve got your cool new water bottle and water challenge buddy, it’s time to commit to 30-days of water. This challenge is all about encouraging you to drink more water but also to help you form new positive habits. Water helps to carry vital nutrients throughout cells and removes waste from the body.

    If you need a little water reminder, keep alarm in your phone or download water apps

There are plenty of benefits of drinking the right amount of it. Let’s look at a few of these benefits.:

  1. Better digestion through saliva creation

    Water helps create saliva, which plays a significant role in food digestion. It also helps create mucus, which provides the necessary moisture to the nose and eyes. Instead of consuming beverages, sticking to water is a much healthier option.

  2. Improving blood circulation

    Blood is more than 90% of water. So it makes sense that proper hydration promotes blood circulation. Drinking hot water is even better.

  3. Maintaining healthy brain function

    Lack of water causes dehydration, which can affect your brain’s functionality. Proper hydration enables more efficient exchange of nutrients and toxins. This improves concentration and mental alertness.

  4. Regulating body temperature

    Water is also found in the middle layers of the skin. As the body heats up, sweat appears on the skin’s surface. When sweat evaporates, water functions as a cooling agent in the body.

  5. Preventing kidney stones

    Kidneys sift out waste and transport urine to the bladder. Lack of water can not only affect this process but also result in kidney stones. Drinking enough water will help you avoid that.

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The Weekly Health Challenge is a self-audited program designed to motivate the JCSC Wellness participants in reducing BMI on a weekly basis.

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