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Stay Active Challenge

Stay Active Challenge

In this week's challenge you must Stay Active. Everyone knows that it’s important that you stay healthy as you age. To do this, you need to stay active. There are fun ways to get your exercise in so that you don’t put off being active. Staying healthy is key to being able to grow and handle these types of life changes. No matter how old you are, you can follow some of the tips below to live life to the fullest and delight in the good things.

Benefits of being active

Some ways you can keep active include:

  1. Walk

    Taking an easy hike or walking with a friend or a pet is a perfect way to get your exercise. You can walk to the beach, around the block, or take a simple nature hike—all of which will work your lungs and heart.

  2. Exercise at home

    Buy some exercise equipment like a yoga mat or hand weights and make your own home gym. Try using YouTube or fitness apps to find exercise routines to follow along with and get yourself moving.

  3. Go outside when you can

    Not every day of winter is unbearable. Try to go outside on a mild winter day and exercise when it is safe to do so. Soaking up some sun and getting fresh air will also help reduce stress.

  4. Take the stairs

    You most likely have access to stairs whether it’s at your home, apartment building, or work. Stair climbing is an awesome fat-burning workout that will keep your heartrate up.

  5. Play some indoor sports

    The winter months are a great time to start playing some of your favorite indoor sports. Check for places in your community that offer indoor basketball, soccer, or volleyball courts.

  6. Play outdoors with your kids

    A great way to keep your blood pumping in the winter? Go outside and play with your kids! Pulling sleds, building snowmen, and chasing around your kids will keep you active and help you bond with your family.

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The Weekly Health Challenge is a self-audited program designed to motivate the JCSC Wellness participants in reducing BMI on a weekly basis.

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