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Questions Regarding Super Foods

Aditi Shah, Registered Dietitian, answers some popular questions about super foods. Check it out: What are the different sources of plant based Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Vegetarians? Good sources of ALA (Plant based Omega 3): 1. Canola Oil 1TBSP = 0.94 g/serving 2. Ground flax seeds 1 TBSP = 1.6 g/serving 3. Flaxeed oil 1 […]

Dialogue With Dietitians: Importance of Daily Vegetables

A question from Dinesh Gandhi: Since we are all Vegetarian, can you please include importance of leafy vegetables in our daily meal? (examples: Methi, Palak, Tandaljo, Suva, and more) So, we ask our dietitians, can you provide us nutritional values and importance of eating such vegetables in the comments below? If other participants have any questions, please […]