Cutting Out Sugar

Don’t be alarmed—but something’s hiding in your food. From the cereal you had for breakfast to the dressing on your salad to the ketchup on your fries, an addictive substance is lurking in many foods that you’d never suspect. Far more loathed than fat or cholesterol these days, sugar has become public enemy No. 1 when it comes to the health of America. In fact, in our effort to listen to doctors’ orders (and government guidelines) to consume less fat and less cholesterol, Americans turned to “healthy” low-fat foods that were actually loaded with sugar. 

  • It can lower your blood pressure
  • Lower your bad cholesterol
  • Decrease your heart attack risk
  • Keeps your brain sharp
  • You’ll be less likely to have Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • You’ll be less likely to have depression
  • You’ll break your addiction to the sweet stuff
  • It’ll keep your skin looking young and clear
  • It will lower your risk of diabetes
  • It can help prevent fatty liver disease
  • It can help reduce your risk of certain cancers
  • Your breath will be sweeter
  • You’ll breathe easier
  • You’ll have more energy
  • You’ll have fewer cravings
  • You’ll make fewer trips to the dentist and doctor
  • You’ll save money


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