FAQ’s: White Refined Carbs

The 3 White Refined Carbs to Avoid

  • White Rice
  • White Sugar
  • White Flour

Alternative to White Rice

  • White rice is a starch that many people choose to put on their plates, but healthier options exist. We’re not saying you can never eat white, but most of the time, try to make a healthier choice and pick something better for you, like brown rice, quinoa, barley or a non-grain option like cauliflower rice.
  • Why brown rice is healthier than white rice?
    • Brown rice is a whole grain, which means it’s the entire grain, and it’s healthier because it contains more nutrients and fiber.
    • Some types of brown rice:
      • Long-grain brown rice
      • Medium-grain brown rice
      • Brown basmati rice
      • Red rice
  • Why Quinoa is healthier than white rice?
    • Brown rice is healthy, but quinoa is even healthier. It is a complete protein, and it has more of the following nutrients compared to brown rice:
      • Riboflavin¬†– Vitamin B, which helps you produce energy and fights off harmful free radicals
      • Iron – A cup of quinoa has 15 percent of your daily recommended value, while brown rice has only five percent
      • Zinc – It is necessary for a healthy functioning immune system
  • Why barley is healthier than white rice?
    • It’s a great source of fiber and selenium and a good source of phosphorus, copper and manganese. Barley has much more fiber than brown rice. It does take longer to cook and requires more liquid than rice. Choose hulled barley if you can to get the whole grain. Pearled barley is more refined with fewer nutrients.
  • Why cauliflower rice is a healthy choice?
    • Cauliflower rice is a grain-free, gluten-free and nutrient-dense way to replace the white rice on your place. It’s a great way to eat what seems like rice without all those carbs.
      • Why cauliflower is good for you:
        • ¬†It helps prevent cancer
        • It helps detox your body and remove toxins
        • It has antioxidant properties
        • It supports your digestive system

How to replace White Sugar?

  • Real Maple Syrup
    • Comes from a maple tree. Fake maple syrup is colored sugar water. Look at the ingredients for the potential purchase, it should only include maple syrup. Real maple syrup substitutes 1:1 for any liquid sweetener, and the flavor will be rich, deep and caramely.
  • Maple Crystals
    • Maple crystals are simply dehydrated Real Maple Syrup. They can also substitute 1:1 for white sugar, however they do add an additional soft fluffiness to the texture.
  • Sucanat
    • It is a pure dried sugar can juice. Unlike common white sugar, Sucanat is unrefined and therefore contains the mineral content that would typically get lost in the refining process. Sucanat’s is closest to brown sugar, for which a 1:1 substitution is common, however, Sucanat is less moist and more nutritious.
  • Date Sugar
    • Date sugar is simply dehydrated and ground Dates. Used as a 1:1 substitute for brown sugar. Date sugar impart a softness to the texture of bakes goods, and it is less sweet.
  • Brown Sugar
    • It contains slightly fewer calories compared to refined white sugar, therefore it is more effective in rpeventing obesity. Brown sugar can boost your body’s energy for short periods of time, giving you temporary strength and wake-up in the moments when you feel weak.

Why white flour is bad?

  • Refined white flour has very few natural vitamins and minerals.
  • White flour may not taste sweet, but i can lead to the same problems caused by eating too much refined sugar
    • Here is a list of few risks:
      • An increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol
      • An increased risk of some cancers and inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis
      • An increased risk of fatty liver disease
      • A suppressed immune system
      • Fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other health problems
  • Healthy White Flour Alternatives
    • Whole wheat flour
    • White whole wheat flour
    • Brown rice flour
    • Soy flour
    • Oat flour
    • Rye flour
    • Banana flour
    • Corn starch


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