Benefits of Doing Breathing Exercises

13 Benefits of Breathing ExercisesBreathe Well

  • Deep Relaxation
  • More oxygen in the body
  • Pain Relief
  • More Stamina
  • Expanded Lung Capacity
  • Improved Sleep
  • Ability to respond to stress better
  • Increased Vitality
  • Feeling of well-being
  • More happiness and joy in life
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Improved Concentration
  • Increased Self Awareness

How to Do Breathing Exercises

  • Caution: Any exercises schedule should be undertaken only after due and deliberate consideration of your health conditions by a suitably qualified medical expert.
  • Breathing is something which all of us did instinctively when we were born in this world. However, over time while we get conditioned to our environment conditions our breathing also gets conditioned in that particular way. Fundamentally each breath should completely fill up our lungs, allow for exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in our lungs and then the carbonized air should be completely evacuated from the lungs.
    • Ease Up
      • Relax, inhale slowly and consciously feel how your chest cavity expands outwards and then downwards as your diaphragm gets pushed down towards your stomach. This leads to your stomach showing up a bulge.
    • Now without making any effort consciously feel how your chest cavity along with diaphragm contract automatically and help expel air from your lungs
      • At the of this natural contraction if you exert a little you can feel that some more air gets expelled from your lungs. Repeat these two steps for maybe 20 cycles or more. Do remember to feel comfortable. Please do not overdo yourself.
    • Inhales slowly and deeply and consciously try to fill up your lungs completely with air.
    • Exhale consciously and consciously expel all air from your lungs.
      • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for at least 20 times. Remember to be comfortable. Listen to your body and please do not try to stretch yourself. Do this for a couple of days to condition your lungs for this style of breathing.’
  • Tips for Breathing Exercises
    • Remember to stop exercise if you feel uncomfortable or feel a sudden rush of blood/heaviness in your head.
    • Breath in through your nose. That is the natural way.
    • You can create additional space in your lungs by pulling up your shoulders towards the ears, while at the end of inhalation phase.
    • Improvement will come only in small steps one at a time. So there is no need to rush it up.
    • Breath is Life. So enjoy and relax yourself in a full, deep breath.


13 Benefits of Breathing Exercises

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