Simple Balance Exercises

  • Poor balance affects people of all ages, and can lead to falls that often result in injuries. The elderly are especially susceptible  to injuries related to incoordination and poor balance, such as dislocated or broken hips. Exercises that improve balance can help decrease the risk of injury and boost confidence, and it’s the first step in a complete workout regimen that includes stretching and strengthening exercises.

3 Quick Simple Balancing Exercises

  • Start out with simple balancing exercises that do not require much strength or stamina. Just about any form of activity can be modified into a balance exercise, even walking. Incorporate simple balance exercise into your everyday life. Perform simple balancing moves both at home and when you are out.
  • Stand up from a seated position without relying on your hands for balance.
    • Keep your hands evenly extended at your sides and push up with your lower body. Shift the weight between both legs when rising to balance yourself out. Sit down in the same manner.
  • Stand on one foot and balance your body when waiting in line at the supermarket.
    • Keep your arms slightly extended at first, then as your balance improves, lower your hands down to your side.
  • Walk in a heel-toe manner.
    • Place the heel of your right foot directly in front of the toes on your left so that your heel and toes almost touch. Alternate with both feet and repeat.


The 5 Major Benefits of Balance Training


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