Facts & Tips About Walking

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Top 8 reasons to walk:

  • Walking prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Walking strengthens your heart
  • Walking is good for your brain
  • Walking is good for your bones
  • Walking helps alleviate symptoms of depression
  • Walking reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer
  • Walking improves fitness
  • Walking improves physical function

Tips for Walking:

  • Walk with a partner or a group of people, or alternatively listen to music, or audio books while walking.
  • Learn how to race walk. It burns more calories, works more muscles and has better cardiovascular benefits.
  • Many people recognize the local mall as an excellent place to walk for exercise; safe, fun and climate-controlled.
  • Swing your arms as you walk.
  • When you are able to get, and stay, on your target heart rate, you will want to cool down a bit at the end of your walk. If you have been able to stay in the target rate for 20 minutes or so, spend about 5 minutes at the end of the walk trying to bring your heart rate back to where it was pre-walk. Slowing your pace down and doing some light stretching can accomplish this. Do not stop walking to slow your heart rate in a cool down. It defeats the purpose of a cool down.
  • Walking may cause cramps,┬áif a cramp occurs, place your hands on your head and begin breathing your nose and out your mouth at a slow steady rate. It is crucial to stay hydrated, so be sure to bring a water bottle with you.
  • In the beginning it is not necessary to warm up, however once you really start to put stress on your legs, it is recommended that you start some light stretching.


The Healthy Facts of Walking

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