How Can I Stop Drinking Soda?

Why stop drinking?

  1. Make Up You Mind – You have to make to make up your mind to give it up. Even if you’re just trying to cut back on your soda consumption, it can take a firm commitment to make it happen.
  2. Switch to Diet Sodas – Gradually make the switch to diet sodas. Just make a small decrease at a time, like on sugared soda a day. If you’re drinking much more than one soda a day, work toward decreasing the amount of diet sodas you drink as well – eventually.
  3. Stock Up on Alternatives – Keep plenty of tasty non-soda drinks on hand to make giving up soda as convenient as possible.

What Are Some Soda Alternatives?

  1. Give Soy Milk a Chance
  2. Don’t Skimp on Skim Milk
  3. Add noncaloric flavors to your water
  4. Green Tea or Black Tea
  5. Vegetable and Fruit Juice


How to Stop Drinking Soda?


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