How has the JCSC Wellness Challenge impacted you? What is unique about it? What has helped you the most? Please leave us a comment here! We value all your feedback.

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  1. Harsha Says:

    MJK -2014

    Thank you for providing healthy food option. Had a good hearty meal with so many choices without any regrets of too many calories. Please Please continue this option as it will definitely help all of our community.

  2. Sanjay Says:

    A very Pleasant Surprise was the Healthy Food Option. Tasted great, so many items, less than half the calories and was not alone saw lots of people lot more youngsters of ages from 12 & upwards on the line for Healthy food options. At times the lines were longer than regular food line was my observation. Flavors of cold Greek yoghurt was a perfect choice for the warm day. Suggestion -Please put up more information in lunch area for one to make a choice and select healthier option when possible as several members I spoke to did not know and ended up in the regular line.

  3. Motivated Person Says:

    Thanks to Sarva Mangal Trust and the volunteers. They have done a great job I wish this progrom could continue for a year.
    This program gave me the best awareness. i was always looking for a better diet to loose some weight and this program did it. Three best part of this program were Yoga,Weekly challenges and Walking group. The lectures by dieticians gave us the awareness of the food intake and benefits.
    We were fortunate to have Soneji come and gives us the Yoga instruction and Sanatbhai is great. I wish we can continue the Yoga program even though we are the last 15 regular attendees.
    The weekly challenges keeps one motivated.

  4. Pravin Dagli Says:

    I was surprised! My kidney stone ( small) was removed following weekly chalanges of drinking water!

  5. Deepa vachani Says:

    I am still waiting for my answer of Aug16th 2012 at 9.37 p.m. reg loosing very little weight Dear Jigna Ji

  6. Deepa vachani Says:

    I knew a lot about kinds of food to eat aand avoid.In the beginning I was following but down the road you slack so this programme has been very helpful to remind you and keep you in your tracks.Especially cutting down carbs.I am getting into the habit of not eating nans at parties and just handful of cooked rice.With my exercises and watching my diet I should be losing much more weight.How come I loose very little.For exercise ido walking’tap dancing,play ping pong, do integral taichi yoga,pilates zumba arerobics and other activites on and off.I also started bollywood dancing but I still dont loose much weight.Is it in my genes.I am very athletic.I drink mostly water and eat fruits for dessert and nut and berries for snacks.I have cut down on carbs lets see if I loose weight.

  7. HealthyAndHappy Says:

    Wellness Challenge gave me motivation to keep myself active. Accepting all the challenges helped me feel lighter about 10 pounds lighter to be exact. Now after the challenge, I will keep walking 2 miles everyday and cut down my sugar intake.

  8. Jigna Says:

    Thanks again Minaxiji

  9. Minaxi Says:

    Yes, Jigna I was aware of the 3 points you mentioned from watching Dr. Oz’s show.
    Only thing that I never knew if there was a major benefit in using coarse grind? Because for rolling out the rotiis the fine grinder flour definitely helps.
    I’ll do the fiber comparison and will keep you posted.
    Thank you! For your help.

  10. Jigna Says:

    Hello Minaji,

    Thanks for asking a question.

    The flour depends on type of wheat used and the amount of grinding. Most whole wheat flour available at Indian stores are grinded too fine to increase the surface area which gives you a pliable, soft roti’s.

    Few things to keep in mind while choosing the floor
    1) The package should say 100% whole wheat flour
    2) Look for the fiber content: preferably more than 3 gm fiber per serving
    3) The first ingredient on the label should say whole wheat flour and not enriched flour or bleached flour.

    I hope this helps you.


  11. Mina Says:

    Thank you! Sarva Mangal Trust and the whole team of volunteers to put up such a massive program. This is truly an opportunty for people to look at this program as a comprehensive approach . I feel sorry for people who are not taking advantage of this program. Everything is done with utmost proffesionalism.
    I love the yoga classes. I’d always heard of Mr. Soneji’s classes for a long time but had never tried it because of the distance, now even I can rave by it. Mr. Sanat’s great effort in explaing the Sanskrit terms helps to remember the Asanas better.
    Thank you! For all you efforts and keep us challenging.

  12. Mina Says:

    Dear Jigna,

    How do you categorize the whole wheat flour from the Indian stores?
    Healthy or unhealthy? It’s 100% whole wheat but people say the flour from Arthur Co. from regular stores is healthier. My argument is it’s different type of wheat grain. Pls. inform.

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