GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Explained

What is GMO?

Generally speaking, the term “GMO” (Genetically Modified Organism) refers to food crops that have been reformed or altered (genetically) by utilizing a variety of scientific procedures. In other words, scientists putting food genes through processes by means of providing them with ‘new’ and/or ‘boosted’ features.

The GMO process is all about making money – creating a product that can appeal to the masses, preserve well, grow efficiently, and sell.

GMO Disadvantages

  • Possibility of humans developing new allergic reactions to the foods they eat.
  • Strong likelihood of widespread infestation of diseases across species barriers.
  • GM foods can disturb the natural flow of our environments.
  • Artificial characteristics can be passed on to subsequent generations.
  • Unpredictable health effects: we do not yet know the long-term effects of these mutated foods. It could be way worse than what we already recognize.
  • Insufficient government regulation.
  • Some crops are now possibly being engineered to produce their own pesticides.
  • Global threat to humanity’s food supply!

So What Should You Do?gmo organic 300x300 GMOs   The Frankenstein Foods!

Unfortunately, GMO’s are NOT labeled on the foods we eat, but people are trying to change that.  Stay away from commercial-grade foods, and stick to the real (and USDA certified) organic selections. Certified organic foods are typically not allowed to be altered (genetically speaking).



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