Tips To Help Quit Drinking Soda

Health Risks Linked With Drinking Soda/Diet Soda:

  • It’s counteractive to weight loss efforts
  • It stains and corrodes your teeth
  • Limits hydration
  • Includes artificial stimulants
  • Causes insomnia and sleeping disorders
  • Causes kidney problems

How To Quit Drinking Soda Successfully?

  • Identify why you want to quit sodas
    • To be successful, you need a strong enough reason. Use this reason as motivation and whenever you feel like giving up, recall the reason. Finding a partner or a group with the same goal is recommended, as it will help provide support and motivation. Find a goal, and stick to it
  • Buy less and less soda every week
    •  If you drink most of your soda at home, this will be easier to do. If the soda isn’t purchased, then you won’t feel the urge to drink it when you’re at home.
  • Get rid of the soda drinks at home
    • Don’t tell yourself that you will quit drinking after the sodas are finished in the fridge, if you want to quit, do it now.
  • Have healthy substitute drinks
    • Having a healthy alternative is crucial if you want to be successful, switching to either milk, fruit juices or even plain water is beneficial. Don’t drink any energy drinks, because they are just as addictive and unhealthy as soda.
  • Keep track of your soda consumption
    • Develop a quitting schedule. For example, if you drink sodas every day of the week, then the next goal should be to reduce it to every other day of the week, and continue until its down to 0% consumption.
  • Have a water bottle at all times
  • Ensure you have enough sleep
    • This is very important because it will prevent you from having to rely on caffeinated sodas or drinks to keep you awake.
  • Persevere
    • As you start cutting away from sodas, you may experience restlessness, anxiety, and cravings to drink soda again (depends on how much soda you were consuming previously). Stay strong! The symptoms will start fading after a few days.
  • Take a gradual approach if need be
    • If the symptoms are too dramatic, then tweak your schedule. Start by slowly decreasing your intake until you are down to nothing. Remember, drinking soda once in a long while is okay, until its in moderation.


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