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FAQ’s Aerobic/Cardio Exercises

Is There a Difference Between Cardio and Aerobic Exercise? For an exercise to be considered “cardiovascular”, it implies that there should be some heart benefits. In other words, it should be at an intensity which is high enough to cause your heart to beat rapidly. Thus, any cardiovascular exercise is an aerobic exercise, but not all […]

Benefits of Balance Exercise

There are several fun-looking, toy-like devices found in gyms and fitness stores today, but what are the devises actually used for? Theses tools are specifically designed to help you improve your balance and help you develop a strong core. The overall benefits of balance training include improvements to overall fitness, sports performance, and injury prevention. […]

Can you really walk your way to fitness?

Research has shown that the benefits of walking and moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day can help you: Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels Improve blood lipid profile Maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity Enhance mental well being Reduce the […]

Benefits of Deep Breathing

10 Quick Benefits of Deep Breathing: Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins Your body is designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. If you are not breathing effectively, you are not properly eliminating your body of its toxins i.e. other systems in your body must work overtime which could eventually lead to illness. When you […]

Breathing Properly While Running

Learning how to breathe properly while running and exercising can help you run faster and longer with less effort, and prevent you from getting painful side-aches and stitches during your workout. Learn How to Breathe Properly Breathe with your belly, not with your chest. Your belly should move in and out with every breath. If […]

Why & How to Meditate?

Benefits of Meditation: Lower Blood Pressure Improved Blood Circulation Lower Heart Rate Less Perspiration Slower Respiratory Rate Less Anxiety Lower Blood Cortisol Levels More Feeling of Well-Being Less Stress Deeper Relaxation How to Meditate: Simple Meditation for Beginners Sit or lie comfortably Close your eyes Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally […]

FAQ’s About Yoga

What is the right amount of time to wait after eating, before practicing yoga asana? And how long should I wait after practicing yoga before I can eat? Two hours after you eat is generally when you have an empty stomach and it’s okay to practice yoga. If you are starving and want to practice […]

Facts & Tips About Walking

Top 8 reasons to walk: Walking prevents type 2 diabetes Walking strengthens your heart Walking is good for your brain Walking is good for your bones Walking helps alleviate symptoms of depression Walking reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer Walking improves fitness Walking improves physical function Tips for Walking: Walk with a partner […]

Simple Balance Exercises

Poor balance affects people of all ages, and can lead to falls that often result in injuries. The elderly are especially susceptible  to injuries related to incoordination and poor balance, such as dislocated or broken hips. Exercises that improve balance can help decrease the risk of injury and boost confidence, and it’s the first step in a complete workout […]

Benefits of Doing Breathing Exercises

13 Benefits of Breathing Exercises Deep Relaxation More oxygen in the body Pain Relief More Stamina Expanded Lung Capacity Improved Sleep Ability to respond to stress better Increased Vitality Feeling of well-being More happiness and joy in life Clearer Thinking Improved Concentration Increased Self Awareness How to Do Breathing Exercises Caution: Any exercises schedule should […]